Testimony: The Resurrection of an “Unworthy Woman”

My name is Ana Cristina Rosario, a 22 year old young Lady from Puerto Rico. I have to tell the absolute truth; therefore, that I owe my Resurrection to my God Almighty and my past doings were the following (in which they disappeared later on from my mind and soul); so this is my story.

Depression? Spiritual battles? Low self- esteem? Lies? Anger? Lack of love and family unity? Victim of bullying? The presence of your family sometimes disgusts you? Wanting to escape from reality because everything around you, in your perspective, always goes wrong? Don’t know what to study because you don’t like anything? Feeling lost? Or maybe just, with a relative opinion of “I believe in God, but not in the church?”.

Too Much Years Wasted and Unalive

This was me. A wrecked young woman emotionally and spiritually who didn’t know what to do for a better future and only wanted euphoria and lust to fill up the unworthiness. Unfortunately, those feelings and doings only lasted momentarily.  I wasted all my life trying to fill up all emptiness in pleasures and trying to be admired by others. In those times, I thought that I had the absolute truth of life, in which it was “Life is too short to wait and do what it feels good no matter what”.

How a person comes to Jesus and random signs from God are miracles too. I started to read God’s word and to pray again because, since I was little, I have abandoned that habit; so God sent several people as testimonies to make me pray again. My faith increased and slowly I was drifting away from all the negative things and doings, so I was prepared to receive Christ.

My past disappeared from my Mind

Therefore, Christ saved me in the summer of 2012 and all spiritual and emotional battles were gone. The beauty of everything was that I don’t remember the details of anything that I did nor happened to me. God’s justice always comes just in time. Chains were completely broken and I was filled with all the good values of love, patience, tolerance, among others. So, I no longer felt envy, anger, nor unworthiness. Also, I began to felt beautiful as a Princess of God.

Mysteriously, God used a friend of mine to invite me to the church in which she was the leader of worship. She began to even teach me how to worship and sing (which are two different things). The interesting thing is that, when I was little, I said several times that “when I grow up I want to be a singer”; however, my shyness and low self-esteem never let me take classes nor sing in front of people. But God knows everything and He was listening to me when I was little, so He made it happen to Glorify His Name.

My friend became my best friend, and sister in Christ, and all my past friends just disappeared because I left their world of euphoria and agony. She is the daughter of a pastor and she moved to another church with her father and her band members. The mysterious thing is that she taught me everything God wanted me to know, so that I could build up the worship band again. I was about to move to the other church with her; however, in prayer, God told me that I should stay in the one I was, so He could instruct me for my future ministry.

Christ freed me from evil and emptiness

When I received Christ, I was never the same. I was reborn and didn’t like the things I liked before. Also, I prayed to God to guide me in what I should study because I was flunking in Human Resources. In that moment, God used a friend from my college to say to me “Ana, you need a change; you need to transfer to another College”. He also used my best friend because she told me that the only dream she had never understood was one that she had when she was little, in which, she dreamed that she was saying to me that I needed a change. That was really mysterious and wonderful at the same time because she didn’t know me when she was little, and yet she had a dream about me, which she understood it when she began to have a bonding with me. She even told me that physically, It was me in her dream and that she always asked herself “Who is that girl from that dream?, What a random dream! What does that girl need a change?”. She told me every detail of her dream, so immediately we both thanked God and thought that God has a huge plan for us as sisters in Christ. At the present time, I feel like dancing, full of joy, and my eyes are always full of tremendous happiness. If you meet me now, you will never guess my past because I’m completely different emotionally, physically and spiritually. In Christ, I feel complete, secure and truly loved. When everyone else disappears, God is there hugging me every day and night. God is my Healer, my Best Friend, my Father, my Redeemer, my everything. I can’t say much details about my past because I don’t even remember them. God did a miracle in me because He deleted all things that were not from Him. I wake up every morning and say “Thank you Lord for saving me because I am who I am because of You”.

Miracles do happen

Everything happens for a reason and God was always in control and still is because if it wasn’t for that change/ transformation, I would have never gone to Cyprus (The Island of the First Mission of Paul) and write this testimony. It’s all clear to me now that God removed me from my home to return spiritually equipped, so that my family could witness my testimony and know Christ. I’ve been witnessing the changes in my family, both good and bad; however, the good thing is that my parents weren’t criticizing my beliefs anymore and began to pray. I prayed to God and asked Him, “Why is all of this happening?”, and He said “My daughter, trust Me. You asked your family to be saved, so they first have to be prepared emotionally to understand God’s word and receive Christ” and “Don’t worry, I will give you spiritual gifts and I will be with you in every step of the way, so no evil can stand against you. I will strengthen you to use you when you return to your home”.  I’m certain that, now, I’m here and this is all part of God’s plan.

At the present time, I’m so full of joy and faith and I know that nothing is impossible for God. The other mysterious thing is that I applied for an internship and chose Greece as my primary choice and let everything in God’s hands. Student Programs made an offer to Macedonia and I accepted by email. I never got the offer letter by mail, so I asked for it and when I got it, it said Cyprus. Incredibly, I asked which offer was right and nobody knew why all of that happened; however, I chose Cyprus.

Christ saved me from all that I was and from my unworthiness

I was nothing and now I am a daughter of the God Almighty. He has blessed my life and turned it around for His purpose and will. The church has blessed me also because it has instructed me in every way and renews my heart every Sunday that God created so people could rest. In addition, you fall in love with the congregation, encounter true friends and everyone is unified by praying from one another. I feel repentance in my past statements of the non-necessity and non-relevance of the church. I thought it was just like a business that recruits and receives money. However, I found the absolute truth in people that are not false prophets and in a church that is truly centered in Jesus Christ as the one and only Savior. If it wasn’t for the church, I wouldn’t have received the good news to renew my life, feel free and be reborn.

God’s doings in my life?

It’s simple. He replaced condemnation with joy. He deleted past weaknesses and desires with wisdom. He fixed every leaking tube in my body and life and made everything float as living waterfalls. Therefore, He saved me, but He is still working with my life and with the lives of the people that surround me for His purpose and will. God illuminated my everyday life and lighted a never ending love in my heart. Now, I can see my family and actually want to hug them and transfer love to them. I can even see myself in the mirror and feel beautiful as a Princess of God and as a Chosen one in the name of Jesus Christ. God turned hopelessness into perseverance and faith. Before, I was completely lost with no future nor instructions. Now, my future is clear like the blue sky and waters. Truthfully, God has me in the palm of His hand and will not let me go. God has the most outstanding attributes; such as, love, wisdom, omnipotence, omnipresence, alpha, omega, patience, kindness, loyalty, faithfulness, eternity, knowledgeable, among others that I will give you the duty to find out for yourself because God wants us to get to know Him.

God’s Promises?

He declared that all persons that believe in Him will be saved. Also, that you and your family will be saved, when He wants it to occur. How can I know that all of this is a God doing? It’s obvious that nothing is impossible for God. He made the impossible redemption of my present life and future a possible one. I know it’s Him because I believe in Him and all of the miracles in this testimony exalt His gloriousness. How can you explain my best friend’s revealing dream? How can you explain the change in my personality? How can you explain the twist of my life? It’s simple. It was and is God in every step of the way. Furthermore, all the people that knew me in my teenage years and see me now, don’t even recognize me. Not physically. Not in my personality. They all say “Ana, is that you? You are unrecognizable! .” What do you think is a miracle or a sign from God? I truly know, from the deepest center of my heart, that my restoration was a miracle and that, now, when I pray, His instructions are clear, so that is another miracle because the invisible God Almighty makes Himself visible to those who believe in Him.

Why not return to the past?

We are all God’s creation and nobody deserves to be saved; however, Christ died for our sins and saved us. I learned that sinning may feel good for a short amount of time, but later on it brings problems and death to the emotions and soul. The reason that God states “Do not sin”, is because He loves us so much that doesn’t want us to be destroyed. Because by sinning, we destroy our inner selves and it makes us commit bad decisions by spontaneous impulses. The reason God doesn’t save everyone, it’s because He wants everyone to get to know Him and to love Him for Who He Really Is, Our Father and Creator. He wants us to decide on our own. Personally, I’m never returning to my past doings because I feel fullness and love in Christ and now I am in a great journey that I would have never imagined possible. God loved me before I even knew Him. In addition, by all the miracles he has made in my life, I’ve seen that He wanted me to live for Him. Human minds cannot imagine the journey in which God guides us; however, God is always in control and His plan always works. Finally, my life has been rewritten.

5 thoughts on “Testimony: The Resurrection of an “Unworthy Woman”

  1. Costas

    Great testimony, it has really encouraged me. Praise God for what he is doing in your life.

  2. Homer


    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    Yes it is amazing what Christ can do in our lives once we let him in. I want to thank you for your honesty in sharing what you have gone through in life before and after Christ was welcomed in it.

    God bless you Ana

  3. Mattie Nyamukapa

    amazing story Ana…may the Lord continue to use you and let His light shine through you:)

  4. Ebenezer Ondieki

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad that you found the Lord and that you have friends who are walking together with you in your walk in Christ. His love and joy is abundant so may He continue filling you with His grace and may you keep on being zealous for God cause He is all we need.

    God bless.

  5. Robin Reuter

    My dearest Ana, How special you must be to God that He would rescue you from any place you may have choosen to go. Whenever I think of you, I will think of a tiny lady with huge heart! You have been a blessing to so many people here in Cyprus as well as a true professional working in the Embassy. Our Lord’s timing in having you here in Nicosia is….something only Our Loving Lord could design.
    I love you.

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