The Nicosia International Church (NIC), following the example set by Jesus, desires to bless Nicosia, Cyprus, and all nations. Jesus promised he would build the Church (Matthew 16:18). He did this by making 12 disciples and then commissioning them to do the same (Matthew 28:19-20). Jesus builds the Church, while we make disciples, and therefore the multiplication of followers of Jesus is the controlling center of all we do.

NIC, as an apostolic – prophetic community that seeks to be God’s voice and ambassador for the people of Nicosia, has been a home for numerous migrants, expats, missionaries, students, domestic workers and others, for almost 25 years. That means that our congregation is diverse, hospitable and focused on spiritual reproduction.

We would be privileged to make you a part of our church family, whether you are in Cyprus temporarily or permanently, and to provide you with an environment where you can grow and mature spiritually and discover and practice your God-given potentials.