Nicosia International Church seeks to be a church of Nicosia, rather than a church for Nicosia. That means that our goals are set into the direction of people of Nicosia and our ministries are developed around migrants, expats, missionaries, students, homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking, children and much more.

Besides teaching, worship, and discipleship, our church have active partnerships with charities such as Caritas Migrant Center, Nicosia Mercy Center, Fellowship of Christian Refugees, IFES, Room of Home and we continually encourage our congregation to volunteer, donate and invest their gifts in such work.

Our desire is to be committed to launching disciple-making movements among every people group on earth and such a calling requires Spirit-led leadership that helps NIC remain a safe community for people from various cultural, racial, and theological backgrounds.

Nicosia International Church is a community of people at different points on their spiritual journey.

Ministries Team Leaders