Are You Serving Jesus? How Do You Know?

I was discussing this very blog, over coffee with a friend, when he asked a simple, but profound question:

What does Jesus want you to do with the blog?

This really struck me. Since the church website is so new, and the blog has barely started, the future is a blank slate. It’s not that I haven’t given it any thought; the problem is that I’ve given time to just about everything but what Jesus wants from our blog.

This led me to a difficult question: If I’d given so much thought to other things, why didn’t I spend any time praying about what Jesus wants? I came to a conclusion that wasn’t very flattering: I had hardly thought of it at all, and when I did, I had assumed that things would be fine, because maybe His plans would have been very similar to my plans anyway.

Aside from being completely wrong, this sort of thinking is dangerous, not just because we can be swayed by our sinful desires, but also because of what God says through Isaiah 55:8, when He says:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,’
declares the Lord.

He’s basically saying that our thoughts and plans are almost guaranteed to be different to His, which means you’re almost guaranteed to not be following Him, in some way, if you go by your own plans alone, no matter how right they feel. God has given you a Bible and a brain so, on a good day, you’ll have a pretty good idea what He wants you to do, but you must still go to Him in prayer and ask Him, to reveal His full plan. This is the God who can do more than we can ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20), who will use us for things that we never thought we could do, who will take us places we never dreamed we would go! Do we honestly think that our plans are better? Of course not! Instead of just doing whatever seems right, let’s go to God and find out what’s best!

Sometimes the most obvious thing is the very thing that we forget to do. If I can forget to seek His will when I’m making a church website, what other areas of my life have I failed to give to Him in prayer? What areas of your life does He have plans for that you would follow if only you knew them, and that you would know if only you asked?

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find out that I wasn’t serving Jesus, that I was just serving what I thought He wanted. I don’t want to find that I just used my car to go grocery shopping when He planned to use it for reaching the lost. I don’t want to look back on how I could have been His hands and feet in this lost world, if I’d just thought to ask. So often, we don’t know what to do for the Lord, so we do nothing. Ask! Don’t waste your life. Honour God by not being content with anything less than His ways. He has plans, and they will surprise and amaze you. Before you do anything else today, ask Him what they are for you.

What does Jesus want you to do with your life?

One thought on “Are You Serving Jesus? How Do You Know?

  1. homer

    I agree that God needs to be at the helm of our lives. We need to be trusting him, and praying to him so that he can guide our thoughts, and enable us to act out his will for our lives. Sadly though we are not perfect, and there will be times when we don’t act in a way that reflects his desire for us. Isn’t it wonderful though, that when we acknowledge our shortcomings, he forgives us, and we can re-focus on him. Thank you Lord

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